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What We Do 

We are motivated by a belief that humans can make a difference. Gerry's Café will create a positive impact on the lives of our newly empowered employees. We proudly provide competitive employment for exceptional individuals with intellectual disabilities ages 22 +

Not just another coffee business...

  • Gerry's Cafe provides employment to a group of individuals that is important to be recognized and celebrated in our community.

  • Our employee base is a group is that suffers the fallout of blind discrimination and Gerry’s Cafe is being created to address this human rights issue.

  • We will offer true meaningful employment to people with exceptionalities, which imparts independence, pride, value  and accomplishment to them
    and their families. 

  • Our cafe addresses the direct need in our community for the necessity
    of transitional services as it relates to our education system. 

  • Our products and service will be world class in quality.

  • Equal Employment Opportunity for adults with exceptionalities 
    (pay & hours).

  • Training, development and coaching of crew to grow in their roles.

Weekend Market
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