Buy your squares for a chance to WIN in 15 games! You can win more than once with your square!

You have 15 chances to WIN, starting with the Sweet 16 round on March 24th thru the Championship Game on April 4th.  15 PAYOUTS with a chance to WIN up to $300 in the final game! 


When you buy a square your name will be randomly placed on the grid. On March 23rd, the numbers will be randomly drawn.  You will receive an email to see the full grid and find your squares. Then you can watch for the final scores in each of the 15 games to see if you are a WINNER!


The single digit of the final score winner and the single digit of the final score loser will produce one winning square on the grid per game.


Sweet 16 (March 24-25) - 8 winners will each receive $50

Elite 8 (March 26-27) - 4 winners will each receive $75

Final 4 (April 2) - 2 winners will each receive $150

Championship (April 4) - 1 winner will receive $300

Total of $1300 in WINNINGS to be paid out and a $1200 DONATION being made to Gerry's Cafe.  Thank you!