Gerry's Cafe

A Cup of Joy

Let's create a workplace where all people with different abilities are included and celebrated!

Providing exceptional food, drink, joy and community through the extraordinary acceptance of everyone.

Our cafe will be a place of joy for all employees and patrons.

Our vision along with the support of our community

is becoming reality!

There are so many ways to join

us in making this labor of love an establishment where friends and families will gather and fill their cups again and again. 

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps support Gerry's Cafe. Your donation is tax deductible for IRS purposes.

Our mission is to open a cafe in Arlington Heights, Illinois, that will employ adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We will hire, train and supervise approximately 30 adults (ages 22 and older) to work in our cafe.

We will serve amazing coffee offerings, fresh baked pastries, cafe style breakfast & lunch and add catering with delivery service. We want to support the many capable adults living in our community by offering job opportunities and competitive wages. 

Witness the outpouring of support we have received by our Community!
But We Are Not Done! 
We Still Need Your Help! Won't You Come Build It With Us?

To donate by CHECK:
Make checks payable to Brewing Opportunities and mail to: c/o Natalie Griffin
1303 W. Watling St.
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
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A Statement from the Co-Founders of Gerry’s Cafe


“When will Gerry’s Cafe Open?

The question we field daily; “ When is Gerry’s Cafe opening”?  The answer is; “As fast as possible and when the Covid 19 Pandemic is clear”! Our reality and grand plan has been interrupted, but not dashed.  Our blueprint and roadmap for our site search, and lease signing scheduled for Summer 2020 has been paused for the foreseeable future. 

Our Board of Directors has a fiduciary responsibility to our fund balance earmarked for the leasehold and buildout costs which are budgeted to be around $500,000. Signing a lease and incurring costs in the midst of Covid-19 would be fiscally irresponsible in a time where restaurants, cafe’s  and indoor dining is in constant flux and peril. We are steadfast in our Mission and are working diligently behind the scenes.  We have developed ten strategy teams directed to pointed tasks required to fund, create, build, staff and lead Gerry’s Cafe. These teams are guided by talented, eager, willing and able individuals offering their time and expertise.    


We are grateful to our financial supporters.  Please be assured that all funds are secure in FDIC accounts with Village Bank & Trust. We are thrilled to have restarted our fundraising efforts over the past 3 months.  Our overhead costs are negligible, but our efforts and passion for Gerry's Cafe Mission are exponential. We will open when it is 100% safe and Covid-19 health risks are clear.  Rest assured,  Gerry’s Cafe will create jobs and opportunities that will change lives for many people living with disabilities and their families.


Peace and health to everyone,


Natalie & Amy

We are creating a unique environment which will provide joy through human interaction...

We proudly provide competitive employment for exceptional individuals with intellectual disabilities ages 22+


“Gerry’s Cafe is important to me because I love to see people in my community. They see me and my friends work. They can see people with Down Syndrome and disabilities are all the same. We just want to work, have a loving family, friends and be a part of our community. I don’t want people to think I’m special. I’m just Cristina working like everybody else.”  -Cristina, age 23

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Gerry's Cafe

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